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SportsCity Academy provides individual and small group lessons for baseball, softball, basketball or volleyball. Lessons are designed to give the athlete 30 minutes of solid analysis in key areas of each sport. Athletes may select one or more skill areas for concentrated lessons (ie. hitting, pitching, fielding or base running in baseball or softball.).

Satisfaction guaranteed by our professional staff. Instruction is set up by appointment. Students check in at Front Desk.

Contact SportsCity Academy to set up a lesson plan today - 815-334-1900 or


Individual & Group Lessons

  Cost per Lesson
Number of Lessons Purchased Per Lesson Package of 10 (cost per Lesson)
Private ½ Hour Lessons $45 $40
Private 1 hour lessons $85 $80

Teammates Lessons

> ½ hour (2 players, cost per player) $35 $30
> ½ hour (3-5 players, cost per player) $30 $25
> 1 hour (2 players, cost per player) $60 $50
> 1 hour (3-5 players, cost per player) $50 $40

* Lessons paid for can be taken at any time up to one year from first scheduled lesson date.

* For pitching lessons the student must bring a catcher. We do not provide catchers for lessons.

Lesson Policies:
1. Show up 15 minutes prior to lesson to get warmed up. More than 15 minutes late constitutes a no show!

2. A no show will count as one lesson against student.

3. Less than 24 hour cancellation will be treated as no show. Emergencies will be re-scheduled at staff's convenience. Repeat offenders will be treated as no shows.